Inicio Concerts AS IT IS – BIRMINGHAM 02 INSTITUTE – 29th NOVEMBER 2018


Following a successful UK tour earlier in the year an outstanding new album release in August, their third album “The Great Depression” and see As It Is return to Birmingham for the third time in 2018, it can be said that they are certainly out for global domination and extensive touring!

Following an exciting meet and greet experience and amazing sets from the support acts, As It Is came on stage to deliver a face blistering set opening with the thundering bass line of their most recent single released on Halloween, the bass driven, “The Reaper” that led into a perfectly composed set consisting of their biggest hits from their previous works featuring such tracks as “Hey Rachel”, “Dial Tones” and their first single off the new record “The Wounded World”, they also trail through a variety of tracks from their latest album that would be received so easily and enthusiastically by the audience that cover the topic of mental health in their myriad of new material. The tracks themselves regardless of controversy they have received, it would seem that the crowd did not care as they were living in the moment, even as the band left the stage to close their first set before the encore, the energy can only be described as contagious and summoned back to the stage of chants and cheers, claps, stamping and screaming! Before the band left the stage they closed with the stereotypical chanting anthem of “The End” albeit a logical choice to close their set on, but As It Is fans can’t be fooled that easily regardless of the last line of the track ‘This is the end’. It goes without saying that it wouldn’t be an As It Is show without a demand of an encore – which they happily provided , as they returned to the stage, only to be greeted by a wall of screams and applause, it would be fair to say that As It Is crowds are one of the best that I have witnessed. The band finally closed with three of their biggest hits, “Dial Tones”, “The Wounded World” and one of their latest singles “The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry)As It Is is definitely a band to see, even if you’re not a fan I can assure you will be by the end of their show. The band return to the United Kingdom in January and February on their Intimate Depression tour, so would definitely recommend watching this space and catch these guys on one of their dates, as they move from strength to strength, the future holds bigger and greater things for the band!