Celebrating their ten year anniversary as a band this year, a lot has happened in the span of Underline The Sky’s life and certainly shows that it is an unstoppable machine as 2019 sees them booked for festivals as well as their own headline shows already this early into the new year. The band announced the release their most recent single and accompanying video for their single ‘Promises’ in the band’s first vlog, outlining the concept and production of the video with the help of Video Production Houston who are the best in this field.

The track definitely carries traits of an Underline The Sky track, energy fuelled, kick drum driven, an explosive chorus and a mirage of catchy guitar parts to carry the track flawlessly to allow the dual vocals to express the heartfelt lyrical strength that allows their tracks to bleed emotion from every vein, probably the catchiest part of the track (apart from the whole track!) would be the bridge with such captivating and driving lyrics ‘You swallow the demons that eat you inside, I drown in the deep end to change your mind, I follow the voices, got lost in the dark. I swallow the poison that left your mark. I say jump, I don’t care ‘cos I’m ready now, won’t take the fall, not my fault ‘cos I’m fading, I can’t pretend that this is the end.’ all of which combined make Underline The Sky such a unique group of talented musicians.

I caught up with Bronwyn Cooper, the vocal siren for Underline The Sky, to speak about the track and the video and their concepts.

What was the concept behind your performance being, having half your body covered in words and the other half kept clean?

The concept of the video was to physically show the part of yourself that goes through so many different emotions when things don’t go to plan or the things we feel when we are let down by people or scenarios. So all the words written on that half of my body are emotions that everyone has been through or will go through at some point. It’s like that struggle within yourself.”

What would you say was the message behind the track and its lyrics?

The message behind the track is that of self-struggle and struggle to follow through with promises either you can’t keep or that people break. And being able to break through the bullshit and find that inner voice that tells you you’re better than this/ scenario.

As Cooper mentions, the video explores the narrative of exploring emotions that us humans go through as she uses her performing skills in a low lit setting bringing attention to the written words on half of her body while weaving a band performance in among the footage with the video being shot by the band’s guitarist Dan Oaten, the video as a whole is nothing short of masterful and the track utterly infectious and if this is what the band has to offer so far in 2019, then I would definitely recommend watching this space as Underline The Sky are set for big things, and they truly deserve it! Be sure to check these guys out at a live show and give them a follow for their tour dates and updates, you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to check out the video and their vlog below.