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[Interview] TIGRESS and their brand new ep “Like it is” available from today

Tigress are a rock band from Chelsmford. The band consists of five members: Josh Coombes, Sean Bishop, Tom Harrison, Katy Jackson and Jack Divey.

Their first EP ‘Human‘, co-produced by Max Heyler from You Me At Six and John Mitchell, was released in November 2015.

‘Like It Is’, their second EP has just been released through LAB Records. The Extended Play is formed by five songs. Here you can check the tracklist:

1. Give Me A Chance
2. Power Lines
3. Headaches
4. Shockwave
5. Temper, Temper

These past two months, Tigress were touring with Counterfeit in mainland Europe and the UK. Recovery Magazine had the opportunity to see the band live in the German cities of Wiesbaden and Cologne last April and we were able to talk to them.

Do you want to know what they told us? Then you can read here the interview in full!: 

-For the people who haven’t heard about your music yet, how would you describe it?

For us, we’ve always wanted to be a rock band and write music that a) comes out naturally and b) is music that we would listen to and enjoy! There are so many genres of music now with so many sub-genres that you could get lost. We’re a rock band!

-You’ve been supporting Counterfeit in their European/UK tour, how it was the -experience?

This tour has been incredible. Honestly, the best tour that we have been on. Being able to travel to so many different countries and cities with your best mates and then play shows at night is the dream really. From the travelling, the fans, the other bands, the crew… it’s been such a pleasant experience. One we’ll never forget. We’ll be back!

-And how is touring with them?

So much fun. The band is awesome. Great guys, great musicians and people that we can now call friends.

-Which city and audience surprised you the most?
This is one is hard… I don’t think we were surprised by any one city. We were told before we left that the fans are always up for having a good time and we definitely saw that! I think being able to go from Scandinavia, across to Poland and down to Italy and every in between and have big crowds excited to see you play is just insane. Everywhere made us feel at home and we really appreciated it.
You are going to release your second EP, Like it is, on 12th May. Are you excited about it? How was the whole process?

Yes, very excited! We’ve been playing some of it on this European tour and we’ve never had so much fun playing live. This is the best music we have ever written! The whole process was very different than previous work and it was for the better. We worked with Peter Miles on the songs and lived down at his studio ‘Middle Farm Studios’ for about 2 weeks I think it was in total… he allowed us to be ourselves, be a band and get creative with parts and sounds and I think that was the difference. We came up with songs that came out naturally and that’s why we feel that this new EP is what we’re about and the road we’re going to keep on going down.

-This question is for Katy and Sean. We’ve seen that you also run YouStar, a professional music tuition. How did you come up with those tuitions?

When we aren’t on tour, we teach younger generations to play music, write music, produce music and generally help to get them started in the industry.

-Women are underrepresented in some music genres, so we’re wondering how is it to be female lead singer in the music industry? 

Being a female in the industry is great, yes there are down sides and some things that need to be put right but people are speaking out about the issues and I’m hopeful that things will change.
-Who are your role models? 


I don’t personally have role models in the industry, I only have role models in my personal life. I have a lot of respect for many people in the music industry, anyone who is successful at doing the music they love is a massive inspiration to me.

-To end with the interview, which advice would you give to young girls who want to start a band?

Advice I would give to young females looking to get into the rock industry is to have a thick skin and a hard working professional attitude at all times, people will respect you if you respect yourself.

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