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[GALLERY] Circa Survive: The Amulet Tour @ Fox Theater (Pomona – California)

IIt had been three years since Circa Survive’s last release when The Amulet debuted this past September. After releasing several music videos highlighting singles like “Lustration,” “The Amulet,” and “Rites of Investiture,” and touring with the likes of AFI and Thrice for the immediate months before and after the release, the band finally announced a tour highlighting their newest album. Supported by Hail the Sun and Foxing, fans filled and sold out the Pomona’s Fox Theater in anticipation for a great night of music. Both Hail The Sun and Foxing noted just how significant the tour was for them alone – for the groups to be touring with Circa Survive, who they both sourced as inspiration for their own music, showed how impactful Circa Survive has been in the music scene these past 14 years. As the night progressed, the theater kept growing in anticipation for the group to hit the stage. Their set began with bassist’s Nick Beard’s build towards the explosive start of “Rites of Investiture” and it only took moments for fans to start dance, sing along, and crowd-surf their way to the front. Lead singer Anthony Green wasted no time in hyping the crowd, motioning them to come closer to the stage and dance with him. The Amulet Tour brought something for every fan, old or new. The 15-song setlist was a journey through the band’s successful career, touching on at least one track of each album, and the fans’ investment in each song never subsided. Based off the crowd’s reaction to the newest songs, Circa Survive shows just how they sustain their growing fan base even after 14 years. The group shows in The Amulet that they continue to grow and evolve while still maintain their unique sound and energy that fans adore.

Enjoy our gallery of Recovery Magazine’s night on The Amulet Tour:

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