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Jimmy Eat World – Love Never / Half Heart

As a follow up to the bands 2016 album ‘Blues Integrity’, the Arizona pop punk quartet Jimmy Eat World have dropped two new tracks ‘Love Never/Half Heart’ – in anticipation of their tenth album.

One thing is certain with Jimmy Eat World: that sound will defy trends, years and much, much more.

‘Love Never’ can’t be described as a return to form purely because the Punk Pop veterans never dropped the ball. No matter your musical preference, everyone has a soft spot for at least one belter from their back catalogue and everyone ought to invest a little more time into the Arizona based quartet.

In terms of the track itself; the grammar isn’t quite up to the British standard but the message is faultless and the melody is utterly infectious – this is an earworm that will last for days if not weeks.

Alongside ‘Love Never’ the band also released a second track, ‘half heart’ that in comparison to ‘Love Never’ is a total polar opposite, showing a more toned down approach and musical diversity, which the band are not shy of doing, by showcasing  past tracks ‘Hear You Me’ and ‘I Will Steal You Back’.

Only fools would ever write off the early noughties’ favourite sons as their peers have fallen by the wayside. Green Day, Blink 182 and the like have fluctuated in success since the turn of the teenies where Jimmy Eat World’s real buddies, such as Sugarcult, have long since hung up the Super Slinkies but the anthemic collective still roll on.

If Love Never  is even a hint of what’s to come then the UK tour Jim Adkins and co have planned is a must see for fans and newbies alike – live performance is the heart and soul of Jimmy Eat World and anyone who misses it will live to regret it.

The band go on tour in the UK in January/February 2019 with Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls on his arena tour for his arena tour, however the band break off for two of their own headline shows at Nottingham Rock City on January 23rd and Newcastle O2 Academy on January 30th 2019.