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[Gallery] YUNGBLUD @ O2 Academy, Sheffield

We caught Yungblud at his homecoming show in Sheffield at the O2 Academy. The gig on 29th November was the last of his UK November 2019 tour, which was kicked off ten days earlier at the O2 Academy in Bristol. The tour was supported by Saint Phnx, a brother duo from Glasgow, whose sound includes shades of Imagine DragonsTwenty One Pilots and OneRepublic.


Saint Phnx

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Headlining, the punk-rapping rebel from Doncaster rocked the roof off this homecoming show in Sheffield. The bass was roaring, the atmosphere was electric, and above all, you could feel the love overflowing. Yungblud performed both older songs and his newer songs from his latest album ‘the underrated youth’, meaning every word, with a constant current of energy being bounced back and forth between him and the audience. He also performed a song that has not been released yet, which was a special treat upon returning to home-grounds.

Political protest couldn’t be a missing theme from a Yungblud concert, as at some point, there was chanting ridiculing Boris Johnson – the crowd full young people, students, teens shouted taking a stand about their political apathy, as his anarchy songs hit home.

Dom’s wholehearted appreciation for his fans couldn’t be missed – At one point everything went quiet on stage, and he then appeared in the centre of the audience as if out of nowhere, (surrounded by a security staff to keep in check his over-enthusiastic screaming fans), while performing ‘Kill Somebody’. Being surrounded by his fans is what he’s all about, giving his all with every performance.

He told everyone he loved them, and the crowd repaid with their own love back at him, screaming and filling the entire venue with the word ‘Love’, which bounced between the stage and the crowd.  He gave support for anyone struggling with their mental health or feeling like they couldn’t fit in, because as he said, right there and then, they all could.



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As a photographer, he’s one of the most fun and expressive artists to shoot out there, and I truly enjoyed capturing him on stage, in his raw element. He’s raw and full of passion, stands with his generation and wants to spread love and acceptance, especially between the misfits that (at the end of the day) we all are. This concert truly showcased what he stands for and what he’s all about, and, as this was the my first time properly listening to his music and learning who Yungblud is as an artist – I’m glad I got to witness him and his songs live first hand, as it’s a ‘right-in-your-face’ experience, meant in the best way.  I can’t wait to see what he continues to bring to the music industry, because he really can be one of the artists that shape the future of this generation’s music scene. Sign me up for the his next tour – See you there?

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