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The Hunna – Interview

Photo by James Lomax

We just caught up with The Hunna during the recording of their new álbum, in Los Angeles, to talk about their new music and more!


Since releasing your latest album Dare last year, we hadn’t heard any new music from you until this August, when you released your single “IGHTF”. What do you feel the feedback has been since releasing it?

It’s been really positive and the fact we weren’t allowed to release music for around a year was mental too. We had to be really patient & couldn’t wait to drop ‘IGHTF’. The fans have been so supportive along the way & this song was a chance for us to express the tough period we had been through as a band. Live everybody really embraced it as well.


So you are right in the middle of recording your third album at the moment. What made you choose the legendary John Feldmann to record with?

Yeah it’s been an honour to record the third album with John! We had known about him for quite some time & his legendary band Goldfinger. On top of that he’s produced so many top bands and we knew he was the man for the job. He’s such a cool, kind, hard working individual with a dope team around him & now a homie for life!


It was great to see you in Spain this year at the FIB festival in Benicassim! You’ve also played other massive festivals like the Reading and Leeds Festival main stage this year, what was that experience like for you?

We loved every minute of it and really enjoyed playing those big stages over the summer. Lots of hard work has gone into this band over the last 5/6 years so to play main stage Reading & Leeds & the likes of Benicassim felt like a massive achievement for us as a band. We are stoked for next summer to rock even harder than last year.


We love to hear the variety of influences that come through in your music. What can we expect from your new album in terms of sound? 

We have brought lots of different styles to the table as we wanted to create something new and exciting. Sonically we have introduced a lot more trap/hip hop sounds to compliment our heavy rock roots. We also are working on some very special features which we’ve always wanted to do & all round it’s got bangers after bangers!


What’s your day to day like while in the studio recording; do you have any kind of routines? And how do you mentally prepare for it?

A good night sleep before you record your instrument is really important. Routine wise we were fresh off tour so everyone was already warmed up playing for a month before. We wrote a big list of songs on Feldmans chalk board and then went through them instrument by instrument. Drums then bass, guitars & vocals. Once everything was down we went back through the songs making adjustments & changes where we felt were necessary. It was a really smooth quick process as John Feldman works at a rapid pace which we love.


Do you have any favourite places in the world where you have played or any favourite venues? 

We love playing in America & Europe as there are so many awesome venues. California is a favourite of ours like the Roxy & Troubadour, Seattle home of Grunge, New York the home of our label 300 & we always have a blast in Texas. Brixton in London has been one of our favourite venues because the fans have been amazing all 3 times we sold it out & so many great bands/artists have played there over the years. We loved playing in Madrid & Barcelona too the fans in Spain are so cool!


After the negative experience with your last label, how has the whole situation affected you? And how do you now feel with your new management?

We are in a really good place now and very grateful to be with them now. If anything the past has just made us stronger as a unit and we have taken the negatives and turned them into positives. It’s never going to be straight forward and easy in the music industry but we have proved we are built for it and have a lot to offer musically moving forward. Watch this space….


As you grow as a band you are accomplishing great things most could only dream of, is there anything else left on your bucket list as musicians?

We’ve just started! We want to headline Reading & Leeds one day, we can’t wait to play Glastonbury for the first time. Always wanted to play at the Brits, Ibiza Rocks & Jools Holland. The plan is to move all the way up to Arenas, Madison Square Garden NY, The Greek Theatre LA, Wembley Stadium & the WiZink Centre in Madrid! We want to play in Las Vegas, Tokyo, Mexico etc. The bucket list is strong haha.


Have you ever considered doing any collaborations? Which artist/s would you like to work with someday?

Yes we have and currently are working with some amazing artists. Once the album is out you will see who we have worked with. Moving forward their are also lots more dope artists we would love to work with.


Anything you would like to say to your Spanish fans or about your experience playing in Spain?

Thanks for supporting us! We can’t wait to come back to Spain and rock out with you in 2020. We hope you all enjoy the new album when it’s released early next year.

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