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[Gallery] ROAM @ The Waterfront, Norwich

We had the chance to see ROAM live at Norwich. It was such a opportunity to catch up with the band’s new setlist at a place that couldn’t have been nicer.

The band was supported by two Norwich amazing bands: Telling Truths and Kaves. They performed some unreleased songs and we can’t be more excited about the awesome tracks of both of them we’ll listen in the future —and hopefully it’s in the near future. And before ROAM came to the stage, we were able to discover a third band. Superlove, from Bristol, made us fall in love with their authentic sound. Even when one of the members, Jonathan, said “This song is for him [Jacob, another member] to sing out loud, for me to laugh and for you all to cry”.

They performed Smile Wide‘s hits, such as Better In Than Out, I Don’t Think I Live There Anymore, Hand Grenade, Red & Blue and Turn. But of course, they included songs from previous albums, like Playing Fiction or Hopeless Case.

And, just in case we weren’t enjoying their show as much as we did, they didn’t forget their fans. They ran a poll on which song they should play on their next tour, and the winner was Tracks. Everyone at the venue wanted them to play that song, and so they did, never letting us down.

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