Inicio English Blossoms’ tour in the UK

Blossoms’ tour in the UK

After an American tour in 2019, the English indie band are currently touring through the United Kingdom, in places such as Liverpool, Belfast, Norwich, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow… However, they’ll be doing a couple of dates outside of the UK, in Germany, France, The Netherlands and Ireland.

Blossoms will be presenting their new LP album, Foolish Loving Spaces, where we can find several acoustic songs, such as If You Think This Is Real Life, Your Girlfriend and Sunday Was a Friend of Me. This album went to number 1 in the UK album charts, and it is their second record to do so. We’ll also listen to their most streamed songs, like Charlemagne, There’s a Reason Why and Honey Sweet.

The tickets can be found in their website and in Ticketmaster. Don’t miss out!

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