Inicio English All Time Low are back in the UK

All Time Low are back in the UK

The American rock band are coming back to the UK to play some intimate gigs. It wasn’t unexpected: some of their fans were already theorising about them playing in the UK after Alex Gaskarth uploaded a picture to Twitter in which we could see the Jack flag stating “remember your roots”.

However, fans are pretty excited. And this is not unexpected either. It’s almost been three years since Last Renegade came out and we were missing them so much on stage. Because they have a new album coming soon. Its name will be Wake Up Sunshine and it’ll be available the 3rd April. Some Kind of Disaster, the first single, is already in all digital platforms.

If you want to access first to the tickets sale, all you have to do is pre-order something from their shop or register before the 19th February.

The concerts that have been announced by now will take place in London 21st February and in Leeds the 24th February.


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