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Lucy Dacus – ‘Home Video’ Album Review


ucy Dacus blesses us with her third album, Home Video, which takes us on a journey through the eyes of a girl who lived through Christian youth culture during the 2000s. When the internet was a newfound discovery with all sorts of information and media all a few clicks away. And the Church community attempted to censor what young girls may read, watch or listen to.

The lyrics of Home Video are direct with thoughts and emotions through warm, and somewhat nursery like rhyme, producing a catchy, bouncy tracklist. The focus on spirituality and sexuality is an art form in itself, incredibly autobiographical, an ode to Dacus’ teenage years in Richmond, Virginia, yet very relatable to myself and many audiences. 

The lead track and a known favourite, Hot & Heavy is a song about painful nostalgia, whether it be to another person, your hometown or past memories, the message is transferable. Some emotions can never be replicated, the constant questioning of “what if?” will never magically make that same feeling attainable again. This song truly captures that self reflection on looking upon the place you once lived, the people you once loved and being flooded with memories but knowing you have to move forward no matter how Hot and Heavy.

Home Video is a bold love letter to her personal experiences and that so many of us share the same ones, making us feel less alone parting ways with our youth. With music she translates to us even though some memories are heartbreaking, we cannot be caught in cycles of sadness and regret. While untangling innocence, queer love, and identity this album paints a portrait of Dacus’ early life, each song giving a glimpse into individual moments. An honour and appreciation to this album for giving childhood me the hug it needs sometimes. 

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