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The Technicolors – ‘Cinema Sublimina’ Album Review

The new studio album from The Technicolors entitled “Cinema Sublimina” is the band’s fourth studio record.

As long as I’ve known and been listening to The Technicolors their music always brings me new ways to feel warm and melancholy. All the way from Phoenix, Arizona the band is known for being innovative, and merging a variety of styles to create their own unique personality that you can listen to on your lonesome reflections or have a fun groove with your pals.

Taking great inspiration from the Brit-Pop genre, 90s rock and a splash of the 70s Psychedelics they bring you Cinema Sublimina. Their first album was titled “Listener” in

Brennan Smiley by Kat Parker

2012 next up being “Sweat” in 2015, “Ultra-Violet Disguise” in 2016 and “Metaphysical” in 2017. Their more sought after tracks on these albums are: “Space Cadet,” “Tonight You Are Mine,” “Neon Roses” (My personal favourite) and “Song Bird.” Over the course of a decade, they had headline tours as well as shared the stage with artists such as The Maine, Turnover, The Wrecks and the Psychedelic Furs, travelling across continents across the globe.

Lead singer Brennan Smiley has an endearing tone to his vocals, almost like he’s reading a poetic letter with each line. The track “Dress Up For You”, the well-known favourite, boasts coolness, it’s incredible groovy (I may use this word way too much when speaking about The Technicolors and make no apologies for it). The song begins with warm bass, with a melodic, detailed keyboard flair and transforms into waves of electric hits, paired with Smiley’s sweet vocals, it’s so darn groovy.

Another one of my most loved tracks on this album is “DJ in Brazil” with Brazilian guitar genius Mateus Asato, a beautiful song with some classic-rock guitar.

This album takes you on a trip with distinctive sound effects, soft tones with acoustic guitar and elegant fingerpicking, all the way to more hard rock tones with electric instrumentation. Rich with deep thinking lyrics with Smiley’s smooth vocals, the music is artistic, groovy and completely loveable.

You can listen to the whole album here:

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