Inicio English Dorothy Releases New Single and Video “Rest In Peace”

Dorothy Releases New Single and Video “Rest In Peace”

Gifts From The Holy Ghost is the album that Hungarian-born vocalist/writer, Dorothy, has always wanted, and has perhaps been destined to make. Born from a sense of divine urgency, it is her most bombastic and gloriously, victorious rock and roll work yet. Each song built on triumph—the unshackling of chains, the slaying of demons with a sword of light—the album is a healing and remedial experience, made to unify listeners and point them towards a life full of purpose.

Dorothy’s unforgettable vocal performance is soul-baring, and her powerful resilience is palpably heard throughout Gifts’ entirety and especially on its moving new single, “Rest In Peace”. She reveals, “‘RIP’ is about breaking free from oppression, burying demons, and reclaiming sovereignty and power.” The video was directed by Nick Peterson and edited by Linda Strawberry.

Dorothy Martin’s life changed forever when she was forced to face death on her tour bus some three years ago. After her guitar technician had taken an overdose, Dorothy instinctively began praying for his survival. While he may have temporarily died, the technician was astonishingly, miraculously restored back to life. It was this moment that seemed to bring Dorothy to life too. It was this divine intervention that caused a radical and spiritual awakening in the singer, the result of which can be heard on Gifts From The Holy Ghost, Dorothy’s third studio album as front person for the pseudonymous, blues-rock band Dorothy.

With the combined powers of Keith Wallen, Jason Hook, Scott Stevens, Phil XTrevor LukatherJoel Hamilton and the legendary ear of producer Chris Lord AlgeGifts From The Holy Ghost is made from a musical palette which seems to encompass each of the musician’s influences, as well as many of the essential sounds of rock music’s history—from swampy blues to ‘90s alternative —in a way that makes the case for rock and roll itself. Not only is the genre alive, but it’s more invigorated than ever.

The album’s lyrics are a perfect balance of specificity and generality, so that the listener can attach their own darknesses and triumphs to the songs, while still getting a sense of Dorothy’s own. “We are all one human family.” she declares. With Gifts From The Holy Ghost, Dorothy identifies her purpose as an artist. She conquers darkness with light, numbness with feeling, disharmony with unity—all while delivering one of this year’s most fun rock & roll records.


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