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[Live Review and Gallery] Conan Gray @ Eventim Apollo, London. 9th June 2022

After realising his first EP Sunset Season (2018) and, following, his debut studio album Kid Krow (2020) under the record label Republic Records, Conan Gray has generated critical attention in the world of pop culture. 

Conan Gray announced his Kid Krow: World Tour back in 2020 but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the tour had to be postponed. However, Conan’s fandom did not lose hope: attending the last UK show of his world tour, we had the chance to get to know a bit more about Conan’s fanbase. Like every other pop artist, what we realised about Conan’s show in London is the impressive chemistry he has with his fans. At the beginning of the show, most fans in the front rows were keeping red roses in their hands as a response to Conan’s announcement of his new album Superache, alongside the debut of his new single Memories. Indeed, Conan’s fanbase is powerful, young and obsessed in a positive way. The 23 years-old singer from Texas managed to create a deep connection with his fans, and during the show he had several “chats” with them. he really cares about them, and seems grateful for what they are achieving together. 

Conan is definitely an artist with an original vibe. He looks after his fans as much as his touring team. For instance, during the middle of the concert, after introducing all his musicians — which, we think is important to underline that they are all girls! — he got his fans to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to his guitarist, who seemed pretty emotional and could not believe what was happening: the whole crows was loudly singing to her.

Just like that, Conan’s motivational speeches to his fans were also very emotional, kind and engaging: as an example, at the beginning of the show he offered himself to be his fans’ friend if they came alone to the show. The crowd’s response to everything Conan was saying to them was amazing. 

The concert lasted approximately one and a half hours, where Conan sang most of his songs and famous singles such as Maniac, Wish You Were Sober, Memories and his most famous and viral song on Tik Tok Heather, which gave Conan the chance to gain brand sponsorships and new singles released. Most fans happily bought merch and wore it during the show, everyone had some friends with them and they seemed to be generally happy to finally be there, after so many years waiting to see their idol. 

If you like pop music and fandoms as much as I do, make sure you do not miss Conan’s on his next world tour. He announced the release of his upcoming second studio album and we are very excited to hear new songs! We hope Conan will grow into this success and stay loyal to the amazing and kind young man he shows to be.

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Review by Ilaria



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