Inicio English The Vamps @ 3Arena, Dublin. 3rd of December 2022

[Gallery + Review] The Vamps @ 3Arena, Dublin. 3rd of December 2022

Last night we had the chance to catch a glimpse of the 10 Years of The Vamps: The Greatest Hits Tour in Dublin. They returned to celebrate ten years and five albums of music together.

As the curtain drops to the bottom of the main stage the british band, The Vamps, start what would be an amazing gig.

A few songs into the concert we’re told that ‘we have only one job tonight and that is to have as much fun as possible’ and so everybody did. The setlist goes as expected, everybody is singing, dancing, screaming and doing the conga, even Bradley Simpson encourages everyone on the pit to join.

The crowd goes crazy when one of their oldes songs start to play. Can We Dance was first released on September 2023 and debuted at number two on the UK Singles Charts, nevertheless still one of their most popular songs and the every attendance knew all the lyrics.

Throughout the night several other songs such as “Wake Up”, “All Night”, “Shades On”, etc, are being played for 13.000 people. Later on, Brad lets us know that Connor Ball, the bassist, drank his first guiness beer as the multitude proceeded to chant “ole ole”, meanwhile another band member chugs one down with an Irish flag tied around his microphone stand.

The show comes to its end with Somebody To You. Arms are up, fans are clapping and drinks are being spilled. Everybody is exhausted but giving their maximum and last energy possible as they play the last chords and say goodbye until another year.

This is only the start of their tour, the first leg is almost done but we cannot wait to see what they will be up to for the next three months.