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Melanie Martinez takes you on a journey through other worlds with her sold out Portals Tour at Toyota Music Factory in Irving, Texas

Melanie Martinez brought Dallas fans worlds of excitement with her sold out Portals show at Toyota Music Factory on June 15th, following the 2023 release of her album ‘PORTALS’. The 13 song album takes listeners on a whimsical journey through a variety of themes wrapped around rebirth and the afterlife, and the experiences are told in life form through the creature Crybaby she created. The impressive singer-songwriter-producer began her career on the TV show ‘The Voice’ in 2012 and has since released multiple major albums that have done numbers in the millions, successfully curating and building her brand into what it is today.

The screams of the crowd, eight thousand people deep, echoed throughout Toyota Music Factory as she performed her album in it’s entirety, starting with the first song ‘DEATH’ and working her way through favorites such as ‘TUNNEL VISION’ and ‘THE CONTORTIONIST’, and ending with ‘MILK OF THE SIREN’, the last song on the deluxe release of her album.

Backup dancers brought the stage to life with in-sync choreography that enhanced the storytelling that went behind the Melanie Martinez’s vocals. The visual experience of the show is what really made it phenomenal, as the production went the extra mile to bring Martinez’s mind to life. The singer went all out in every way for this tour, between the costumes and makeup, dancers, and extravagant backdrop. The show was easy to get lost in, and the audience reaction proved that as they sung along to each and every song, hypnotized by her performance on the big stage.

The Portals Tour began in Denver at the end of May and will end up making its way through a total of 27 cities, so make sure you check your local listings so you don’t miss out on the magical escape of a lifetime!