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The throwback you need : Big Time Rush in concert in Fort Worth, Texas!

Big Time Rush took over Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas on June 22nd as they debuted the very first show of their summer 2023 Can’t Get Enough Tour, a 36 day tour complimented by openers MAX and Jax. 

The performance consisted of a mix of Big Time Rush’s older music that was released during the filming of their TV show ‘Big Time Rush’ on Nickelodeon and songs off their brand new 10 song album ‘Another Life’.  The group was formed in 2009, with members Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Carlos PenaVega. They were musicians as much as actors as the Nickelodeon show was a hit, and aired until 2013. Although the band broke apart after the ending of their show, they announced they had reunited in April of 2020. After releasing music over the course of a couple years, they embarked on their Forever Tour in 2022, followed by their current tour this year.

Screams took over the stadium as the boy band ran onto the stage, starting the show off with a bang by singing ‘Can’t Get Enough’ off their new album. Performing songs like ‘Elevate’ and ‘Waves’, the band then proceeded to sit next to each other and sing three acoustic songs, adding a raw touch to the act. After a short flash of behind the scenes videos from the first few years of Big Time Rush, the boys rushed back onto the stage, ready to perform the songs that would bring nostalgic memories to the entire audience. Dancing and singing to fan favorites such as ‘Love Me Love Me’, ‘Big Night’, ‘Famous’ and ‘Nothing Even Matters’, Big Time Rush had the crowd captivated. 

Adding a special, personal touch to the performance of their hit ‘Worldwide’, each band member found a fan to bring on stage and sing next to, a memory the fans would cherish forever. Ending this section of the set with none other than the Big Time Rush theme song, the audience sang their hearts out before BTR brought back ‘Windows Down’, ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Til I Forget About You’, the encore that would close out the unforgettable night.