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Citizen at Electric Ballroom in London [Review + Gallery].

Citizen’s performance at the Electric Ballroom (Camden Town, London) last Thursday was nothing short of electrifying. Taking the stage with an aura of raw energy, the band wasted no time delving into their repertoire of emotive anthems, captivating the audience from the first chord. The show felt very intimate and the crowd was going insane for them and their loved songs.

Frontman Mat Kerekes (29) commanded attention with his impassioned vocals, effortlessly transitioning between soulful croons and visceral screams, each word delivered with palpable emotion. The band’s chemistry was undeniable as they navigated through a setlist that showcased their versatility, seamlessly blending tracks from their discography.

Highlights of the night included the haunting melodies of “The Summer,” which enveloped the venue in a nostalgic haze, and the cathartic release of “Jet”, or the crowd going while on the notes of “The Night I Drove Alone”. The band’s performance was characterised by tight instrumentation and a palpable sense of urgency, drawing the audience into a sonic journey that alternated between introspective moments and explosive crescendos.

The connection between the band and their fans was tangible, with the crowd singing along to every word and mirroring the band’s energy with fervent enthusiasm. Moments of intimacy, such as Kerekes’ solo performance of “Sleep,” provided poignant contrasts to the more anthemic tracks, showcasing the depth and vulnerability of Citizen’s songwriting.

Despite the intensity of their performance, there were moments of respite, where the band allowed space for reflection before launching into the next wave of sonic intensity. This dynamic range kept the audience engaged and invested throughout the entirety of the show.